Twin Oaks Park

Start Date: 2017-11-13       Departure Date: 2017-11-17

Campground: Twin Oaks Park

Sponsor(s): Tri-State Rebels

Host: John Bradberry     Phone: (951) 836-1930     Email:

For Reservations Contact: Host   Campground

Additional Comments

Twin Oaks is non-commercial, PRIVATE. Reservations are made through the Muster Host only!! Note: Due to an extremely large yard sale and huge crowd at Twin Oaks Park on Saturday one must arrive either before Saturday or on Sunday. Hosts Charlie and Mary Bennett; Bob and Peggy Bennett; John and Dorothy Bradberry.rnCost: $20.00 daily rate (no weekly rate discount). rnNo Credit Cards! Cash/Check collected by Muster Host. rnHosts: Bennetts, Bennetts and Bradberrys. rnSee Campground Website ( for directions.

We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization. Run by and for veterans.