Since Sir Admiral William Penn was awarded the territory by King Charles II to pay off a debt in the late 1600s, Pennsylvania has grown to become one of the most visited destinations of the east. Larger than life and rich in history, Pittsburg (the steel city), and Philadelphia reflect some of the best qualities of the Keystone State, becoming the homes to major theaters, modern art museums, parks and hiking trails, just to name a few attractions. With various climates according to region and elevation, Pennsylvania is seldom overcast.

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National Muster

Our next National Muster will begin on September 25, 2018 in Mineola, TX. Please click here for more information.

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President Gene-O Bennett (757) 620-7044
Vice President Sharon Bennett (757) 620-4415
Secretary Mary Camlin (717) 359-0637
Treasurer Gene-O Bennett (757) 620-7044
Muster Master Dick Tracy (610) 207-2016
Website Delegate Gene-O Bennett (757) 620-7044
Webmaster Jack Fritz (813) 508-5680

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We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization. Run by and for veterans.