North Central Region

The North Central Region covers from the Tennessee-Kentucky line north to Canada and from Ohio to Minnesota. Covering these eight states are 4 chapters. The newest Chapter is the North Country Voyageurs which is centered on Minnesota but also supports Wisconsin and Iowa. The Ohio Valley SMARTs cover primarily southern Ohio and Indiana as well as all of Kentucky. The Great Lakes Chapter covers Michigan as well as the northern areas of Indiana and Ohio. The Northern Illinois/Wisconsin Chapter covers Illinois and Wisconsin.

The North Central region is a great area to camp during the summer months as the cooler weather makes for some great camping. Each Chapter hosts at least one muster and invites all the other chapters to join them as we have many joint musters gaining attendance and fun. For 2018 there is a muster planned in Cave City, KY in May with more musters being planned during the summer across the region. Always check the SMART Musters and Events Schedule for the most current dates and points of contact. The Ohio Valley Chapter is also assisting the Tennessee Rocky Top SMARTs in the South Central Regional Muster planned in April 2018. A large number of the members in the North Central Region go south for the winter and so also belong to SMART chapters in Florida and Texas. Belonging to multiple chapters is not only allowed but encouraged to enjoy seeing more of this country we defend. Hope to see you this next year.

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Region Staff

Office Name Phone Email
Director Ed Pate (270) 307-9617
Assistant Wayne Ballard (270) 929-2994
Assistant Dave Jones (231) 206-1925

Chapter Information

Great Lakes


The Great Lakes Chapter is located in the North Central Region of the United States. Our members are from all five services and are full and part time travelers with varying styles and types of RV's. Our members hail from the states surrounding the Great Lakes along with members from Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and New York. We have three to four Musters each year usually in and around the Great Lakes states Our Musters are usually held during the months of June, July, and August. We have a Christmas luncheon just before some of our members go south for the winter. The Great Lakes chapter was formed on 31 July 1998 with 13 charter members.

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Office Name Phone
President Dave Jones (231) 206-1925
Vice President Robert Metevia (517) 256-6997
Secretary Dianne Metevia (517) 256-6997
Treasurer Mary Kegley (810) 964-4113
Muster Master Mike Kegley (810) 964-4113
Website Delegate Dave Jones (231) 206-1925

Northern IL/WI SMARTs


We have in the last year merged the two chapters. Wisconsin was started in 2001, Illinois a few years later. We have always done a lot together so we decided to pool our activities. We usually have two musters a year, one in the spring, when we all get home, another in the fall before all the snow birds leave.We are looking to increase our numbers and hope to pick up some more Iowa and Minnesota members. We have wonderful potlucks, usually try to get one day of visiting local attractions, and play cards and other games. If you're on your way east or west in your travels, check us out, we'd love to have any SMART members join in our fun.

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Office Name Phone
President Paul Hintz (309) 269-8768
Vice President Jack Dietrich (847) 507-0823
Secretary Karen Dietrich (847) 507-0823
Treasurer Karen Dietrich (847) 507-0823
Website Delegate Karen Dietrich (847) 507-0823

Ohio Valley


The Ohio Valley chapters organizational meeting was 21 Sep 1988 at Ft Campbell, Ky with 19 members attending. Our SMART charter was issued on 23rd of September, 1988. We are one of (if not) the oldest chapters in the North Central region. We are unique in that we hold most of our musters jointly with our South Central region neighbors, the Rocky Tops Chapter. Our chapters take turns hosting musters & sharing the cost. We try for several joint chapter musters per year & also attend the South Central & North Central regionals as well as the SMART National muster each year.

At our musters, you will find lively pinochle, hand & foot card games, Crafters finishing up projects & PLEASE, don't forget the food. We think we have some of the best cooks in SMART. We have great breakfasts, pot lucks, cookouts, eatouts & we try to have at least one group tour to somewhere special in the area.

We support the Wounded Warriors project at Ft Campbell and the Quilts of Valor foundation at the chapter level as well as individually.

We are currently trying to expand our chapter membership to the North (eastern Indiana & southern Ohio) & more of Kentucky. We feel that there is a gap in our coverage that we want to close.

ALL SMART members as well as prospective members & guest are welcome to any of our musters. Chapter membership is free for the 1st year. Our contact numbers are on this site so let us know if you are interested in attending. I am absolutely certain that you will get more out of your SMART membership when you join a chapter so Y'ALL COME, YOU HEAR!

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Office Name Phone
President Wayne Ballard (270) 929-2994
Vice President Glen Thomas (931) 787-4247
Secretary Linda Ballard (270) 929-4711
Treasurer Ed Pate (270) 307-9617
Website Delegate Wayne Ballard (270) 929-2994

North Country Voyageurs


The North Country Voyageurs are in search of vistas unseen on roads not traveled as we are “Seeing The Country We Defend!”

We, as veterans, camaraderie is foremost in supporting those in HARMS WAY, active duty, reserves and all veterans through a multitude of programs, such as the VA, local food shelves and many more.

The North Country Voyageurs Chapter was formed to fill a void in the in the upper Midwest. Our thirteen members hail from all over (MN, SD, IA, OH, VA, FL and TX)!


We are the Voyageurs, a small group it's true,
We enjoy being together no matter where or what we do.
If you want to go on a voyage with a fabulous crew,
We're fishing for new members,
Now would or could that be you???

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Office Name Phone
President Terry Johnson (651) 315-0392
Secretary Mary Johnson (651) 208-6065
Treasurer Terry Johnson (651) 315-0392
Muster Master Ralph Donais (763) 441-2630

We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization. Run by and for veterans.